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It is time for Illinois to stop the flow of illegal guns to criminals. I support the Gun Dealer and Ammunition Seller License Bill (HB 3422/SB 1883).  Please stand up and protect our children, families and communities by putting public safety ahead of politics. Stop a criminal. Save a life. Please get this bill out of committee and on the floor for a vote. Thank you for taking a stand against gun violence. 

Representative Christian L. Mitchell (217) 782 - 2023, Email:

Representative Martin J. Moylan (217) 782 - 8007, Email:

Representative Robyn Gabel (217) 782 - 8052, Email: 

Representative Kelly M. Cassidy (217) 782 - 8088, Email:

Representative Deborah Conroy (217) 782 - 8158, Email:

Representative Pamela Reaves-Harris (217) 782 - 8077, Email:


Senator Don Harmon (217) 782 – 8176,

Senator Napoleon Harris III (217) 782 – 8066,

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